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We Make IT Boring!

We’ve designed our managed services, processes, and dedicated the resources to make IT boring for small and medium businesses. While most IT focuses on putting out the latest “fire”, our Grand Rapids managed services system, Encompass, is built to proactively avoid problems in the first place.

Does this mean our customers never have an IT issue? Of course not. And we have dedicated teams to solve your IT issues, when they happen. But because we’re proactive and partner with small and medium businesses who value their teams’ productivity, our customers have less “exciting” IT.

Big, unplanned expenses are exciting. Security breaches are exciting. Firefighting the latest IT issue is exciting. Shouldn’t your IT be boring, so that your team can focus on your business? Let CompuCraft managed services take the “exciting” out of your IT – let’s make IT boring. Give us a call.

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